Minnie, my beloved asshole. I hope you stalk my page and read this. B|

It’s been a while and I’ve missed you too much. Quite recently I’ve been recalling how it was that we met. I fucking snorted when I remembered my horrible motives. Muhahaha. I never thought I’d end up so close to you. Lately though it feels like I barely know you again; strangers once more. It’s a sad thing. Really sad.. We don’t get to talk much now and I’m just.. I’m worried we might completely fade since I can’t really catch you on anymore like I used to. All I can really hope for now is that you’re doing okay, not much of the sad episodes you’ve had before. If anything ever goes wrong, you know I’m always going to be here. I’m never the best choice to run to for advice, but I can try making you laugh. I’ve had my hand at making you laugh too (or it’s probably just the effects of your being nocturnal or smth idfk anymore) so I think I’m good there.

Come reignite our passionate hate for each other when you get back online, yeah? Kitty misses you. <3

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